Our Story

I credit my love for baking to two incredible women….

My Grandmother, Agnes Robertson, immigrated from Scotland in 1924, at the age of 26. She opened a Scottish bake shop in Windsor, Ontario, offering the community's best shortbread, empire biscuits and meat pies. From this lady, I learned patience, skills, and how the joy of baking brings people together.

My mother, Margaret May Brown Bailey Robertson, was a university-educated mother of five, who taught us that, when it comes to food, "try everything". As children, we were eating seafood, pates and game meats for dinner and chicken livers on toast with bacon for breakfast. Shopping for fresh food from farm stands was her weekly routine before it became vogue. Fresh was always best.

The legacy these women gave me was that baking is an expression of love and commitment to family and friends. My grandma also taught me to be entrepreneurial, so when I decided life was too short to not spend it doing what you love, I went back to school for Baking and Patisserie Management. After a lot of renovations, I opened my bake shop at Dresden's Union Block and started creating hand-crafted baked goods that would make my customers feel like family.


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I consider Dresden my "home town" after living here for over 20 years. I love being on the main street and celebrating the community's history by naming my business Union Block Bakery. I am entrenched here and want to give the community my best. I buy local whenever I can. I bake and prepare meals from what's in season. And most importantly...I hope you enjoy every crumb!


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